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    Golden Rules
  Just divided your intra-day trading capital in 3 parts and trade all 3 Calls instead of just one or two.
  Trade in all our intraday trading calls so that you can make average profit in case if you make loss anyhow.
  You must strictly enter into the calls at the given recommended price (BUY or SELL price)
  In case where a call is given with above/below instructions, you must follow the same. (For example: buy Rcom above 484 SL 479 tgt 490/ this case one should buy Rcom only if it trades above 484.10 and not before that).
  Whenever above and below instructions are given, kindly inform your broker in advance about the execution price and do not wait till the price comes to our recommended level
  In case when more than one target are given, after first target is achieved, investors/traders should treat/modify first target as stop loss (SL) and should wait for the next target
  Based on the market condition, exit from Target1 and withdraw portion of your profits
  Strictly exit from the script, once Target2 reaches
  Strictly maintain the STOPLOSS
  Split your money and trade in all our recommendations to average out profit
  Don't get afraid if it goes below the recommended price. Be patient to reach its targets. STOPLOSS is there to protect your value.
  Don't take excess position beyond your limit. Be a SMART trader.
  Don’t expect profit in every trade. Don't trade to cover your loss; otherwise you will end up losing more.
  Don't follow the Tips from unreliable source; just because of it is available for FREE.
  Don’t chase behind the script, just because of everyone is chasing behind.
  We recommend you NOT to trade as soon as market opens. Wait for 5-7 minutes until you identify current market trend.
  Always trade in the direction of current market trend. If trend is BULLISH, trade on our BUY calls, else trade on our SELL calls.
  Listen what your MIND says, rather than HEART. Control your emotion.
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